Bjorn Wiinblad – Feuervogel, designed for Rosenthal

Here’s something a little unsual.   Bjorn Wiinblad is probably one of Denmark’s most famous mid century designers.   He was a painter and artist in ceramics and metalware and his work is famous throuout the world.  He was born in 1918 and died in 2006.  He was never conventionally Danish, and whilst functionalism ruled in Denmark, Bjørn Wiinblad had went in an entirely different direction using curves, rich colours and more hedonistic approaches.   I think this design for the high quality German porcelain company, Rosenthal is testament to that love of colour and pattern.  This is called Feuervogel or Firebird in English, and it’s really quite a rare design.   I was lucky enough to acquire 17 pieces in one lot and I’m strugging to part with them as they really are so beautiful and timeless. It’s hard to imagine when you look at them that the design is 50 years old.  I haven’t put all the pieces up for aslae.  These are living in my house at the moment until I tired of looking at them ( might be a whilte) but a couple of the larger pieces are on my Antik Seramika Ebay shop

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