Little known Dolly Cliff, sister of Clarice

You might be forgiven for thinking these are art deco designs by Clarice Cliff, and as they are marked AJ Wilkinson, where Clarice was apprenticed at the age of 17 years, then the assumption would be understandable.   It was only after careful research that I realised this wasn’t the case at all.  Clarice went on to be very famous and of course she married the boss at Wilkinsons, Colley Shorter.  But at the time she joined the factory, her elder sister Dolly was actually Artistic director and this is one of the patterns, referred to simply as “Oranges” attributed to Dolly.

It certainly seems that a design flair ran in the family and this is one of my favourite patterns.   Another one that I wish I’d kept a little of for my own collection but I do so love to share the joy.  For some other art deco pieces, take a look at www.antikseramika, or my ebay shop or you can like my facebook page


Art Deco Empire ware and some Johnson Brothers Pareek too.

For some reason this gorgeous tea set was never popular.  I acquired it in a large lot and thought it was absolutely gorgeous.  Pretty shapes, with a slight art deco twist but most likely from the 1930s and of course, gorgeous colours.   I seem to have this set for ever before anyone bought it.  I’ve have another one by Johnson Brothers in similar colours and no interest in that one either.    When I first started trying to sell them, cups and saucers and trios were selling like wildfire, which is not the case now, but still they never went anywhere. Finally after about two years somebody purchased this lovely tea set and it’s got a new home now.  I still have the Johnsons Pareek set below, which suprises me.  I might keep it for me as it’s got such a lovely springtime feel about it.  Then again, if you know someone who’s interested then email me at or take a look at some of the items for sale at