A Georgian watercolour

I’m still researching this one really but I was captivated by this slightly water damaged painting.   At first I thought it was a print as it was amongst a lot of prints and some real rubbish.  I later discovered three more lovely watercolours in the lot. Two from the 1920s and a beautiful still life of a melon in it’s original maple frame.  Sometimes you just get lucky.    It seems to be by a gentlemen called Henry Harding.  I have found reference to a Henry Harding living around this time but only very vague information.   It’s small and a little foxed but clearly a beautiful quality work.  It’s dated 1819, which fits with the references I’ve found.

Interestingly, I asked Sothebys for an opinion on it but they kindly replied that it wasn’t in their price range being only worth around £500.   I just have to get it remounted and tidied up now but I don’t think I’ll be asking that for it. Take a look at some of the items I have for sale on my new website at http://www.antikseramika.co.uk/



Vintage Soviet Balsa wood national costume dolls


The image above shows 15 beautiful handmade miniature balsa wood dolls, painted and decorated with wool and paper. Each doll has the nationality of a lady from that former Soviet country, in Russian on its base and is wearing the national costume of the country.  They appear to date from the late 1920s to 1940s and are extremely rare especially in the full set.  I fell in love with these and someone I knew had brought them, I didn’t even see them when I was looking around, but he kindly sold them to me.   I’ve only ever seen partial sets of these before so it was lovely to find the complete set.  These are now for sale on my website Antik Seramika.