Beautiful jewellery made from broken vintage and antique china

Portmeirion totem blue china cufflinks in solid silver mount, handmade by Ophelia Mills Jewellery

Sometimes in my travels I find something so imaginative and lovely that I have to talk about it.   This applies to Ophelia Mills Jewellery, a company created on the basis of  a need to use beautiful china that would otherwise be thrown away and the Japanese art of Kintsugi (金継ぎ, きんつぎ, “golden joinery”), also known as Kintsukuroi (金繕い, きんつくろい, “golden repair”).  Kintsugi is where  broken pottery is repaired with lacquer dusted with  powdered gold silver or platinum.

Kinstsugi inspired Ophelia to design and make a range of gorgeous jewellery made from exquisite bits of broken antique and vintage china surrounded by solid silver mounts.   Kintsugi treats breakage and repair of china as part of the history of an object whereas Ophelia Mills is giving it a new lease of life.

Graffiti Stripe cufflinks made from vintage china in silver mounts - Ophelia Mills Jewellery

It’s a rather lovely option if you have a piece of china with great sentimental importance that gets broken, as Ophelia accepts bespoke commissions and you can have it made into a wonderful jewellery set or some cufflinks, whatever suits you.

To see her range of lovely vintage and antique china jewellery, visit her website  She’s just been featured in World of Interiors magazine for christmas gift ideas so now might be the time to take a look before everyone else does.

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