A Georgian watercolour

I’m still researching this one really but I was captivated by this slightly water damaged painting.   At first I thought it was a print as it was amongst a lot of prints and some real rubbish.  I later discovered three more lovely watercolours in the lot. Two from the 1920s and a beautiful still life of a melon in it’s original maple frame.  Sometimes you just get lucky.    It seems to be by a gentlemen called Henry Harding.  I have found reference to a Henry Harding living around this time but only very vague information.   It’s small and a little foxed but clearly a beautiful quality work.  It’s dated 1819, which fits with the references I’ve found.

Interestingly, I asked Sothebys for an opinion on it but they kindly replied that it wasn’t in their price range being only worth around £500.   I just have to get it remounted and tidied up now but I don’t think I’ll be asking that for it. Take a look at some of the items I have for sale on my new website at http://www.antikseramika.co.uk/



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